Pirates, Inc. is a benevolent organization of men and women who have joined together to share their good fortune with the special needs children of Northwest Indiana. As contributors to the present, they are believers in the future. Although Pirates members come from all walks of life, they share the common beliefs of community and responsibility. Their ranks include tradesmen, contractors, bankers, industrialists, businessmen, and women. They include plumbers, professional athletes, and even a past President of the United States.

Generosity is the only requirement to become a Pirate.

AHOY! Come sail with Pirates, Inc.

“An Elite Fighting Force for Children With Special Needs”

In days gone by, Pirates sailed the seas plundering and pillaging in search of silver and gold.  Pirates today sail the southern shores of Lake Michigan and along the coast of northern Indiana in search of children with special needs  whom they honor with their silver and gold.

Pirates, Inc. is a volunteer organization which benefits the children of:

Since 1966, Pirates, Inc. has donated more than three and a half million dollars to the care and treatment of children with disabilities.

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Pirates, Inc. EIN # 35-1503900

Pirates, Inc. is chartered by the State of Indiana as a Not for Profit Organization.  Pirates, Inc. is approved for recognition as a federal tax-exempt organization under section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

2017 Board of Admirals

Tony Logan, Admiral 2017

  • Bob Anadell
  • Jim Buchanan
  • Harry Burchell
  • Pete Castellarin
  • Mike Daugherty
  • Jim Faroh
  • Bill Hasse
  • Chris Hernandez
  • Dale Johnsen
  • Roger Johnson


Other Past Admirals

  • Jim Bohlen
  • Frank Bolin
  • Mike Gariup
  • Don Hamilton
  • “Doc” James
  • A.J. Manley
  • Clare Oesterle
  • Ray Kasmark
  • Bob Lahey
  • Terry Lynch
  • Bart McCartin
  • Dewey Pearman
  • Jay Potesta
  • Kevin Roach
  • Melissa Strayer
  • Bob Tiberi
  • Scott Vidimos
  • Dan Waldrop



  • Rich O’Heir
  • Chuck Ringland
  • Paul Rosenau
  • Don Sawochka
  • John Simonetto
  • Tim Sullivan

Out and About with Pirates, Inc.

Bob Tiberi, Secretary-Treasurer of Pirates, Inc. presents James Buchanan, Business Manager of Chicago Pipefitters Local 597, a plaque for the generous donations received by Pirates, Inc. from the United Association and Apprentices of the Pipe Fitting Industry and Chicago Pipefitters Local 597.

Bob Tiberi, Secretary-Treasurer of Pirates, Inc. presents Jim Faroh, Vice President, AST & Industrial of Matrix NAC and Melissa Strayer, Area Manager of Matrix NAC, a plaque for their very generous donation received by Pirates, Inc. for 2015.

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